"Scott Binsack"

“Scott Binsack” is a modern renaissance man.

He’s an iconic entrepreneur, former builder and current-day liaison to the owners of luxurious estates in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods on the planet.

He’s a fast rising star in the social media world and host of the weekly show, Sunday Night With Scott Binsack. A perpetual work-in-progress, he aims to share important insights and life lessons with others.

He’s an abuse survivor who endured a childhood that was filled with trials and tribulations, emerging into adulthood a stronger, better person. And today, he strives to share all he’s learned as a motivational speaker and soon, author, as he’s in the midst of authoring his first book — an autobiography.

He’s also an investor. A producer. A visionary. A mentor

Yes, Scott Binsack is truly a modern renaissance man.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But let’s start at the place where all good narratives begin … at the beginning. Born in Long Island, New York, Scott endured a very difficult childhood that was filled with traumatic and shocking abuse, tremendous uncertainty and, at points, homelessness. He attended 9 schools in 9 years and ultimately, he dropped out of school in the eighth grade. But a survivor at heart, he wouldn’t allow that to didn’t stand in the way of success.

By age 18, Scott had established his first business. Within just a few years, he was wellknown throughout the industry as a building prodigy, who was building and remodeling ocean-front estates in the Hamptons. He banked his first million by age 24.

Scott earned a reputation for his innovative blend of quality, functionality and aesthetic beauty. His residential building and remodeling projects have been featured in an array of local and national publications, such as House Magazine, Remodeling Magazine and The Business Journal, among many others.

Cover Story 1995 NY Business Journal

Over the span of nearly 25 years, “Scott Binsack” has constructed and transformed properties in some of the world’s most elite and exclusive neighborhoods, from the mansions in Old Westbury, NY and the Hampton’s, to the sprawling luxury estates in the Caribbean and West Indies. He’s also worked with an array of high profile clients — experiences that have enabled Scott to refine his ability to surpass the expectations of some of the world’s most wealthy and elite clientele.

In 2004, Scott established Mansions & Estates International, a building and consulting firm that has seen tremendous success. Described as his crown jewel, the firm’s annual sales surpassed the $12 million mark within just three years.

Today, Scott serves exclusively as a consultant and liaison, working to ensure that each client’s building project fulfills their unique vision in a manner that exceeds their expectations of excellence.

Over the years, Scott has seen tremendous growth that extends beyond the business world. He’s seen lots of growth as an individual too.

At one point, Scott succumbed to the trappings of a high-flying lifestyle; a journey that ultimately resulted in a spectacular (and very well-publicized) fall from grace. But he wouldn’t give in to defeat. He brushed himself off and set out to learn from his mistakes, re-emerging more successful — and happier — than ever before.

Scott has risen to tremendous prominence in the social media world and he currently hosts a weekly show, Sunday Night With Scott Binsack. He regularly delivers inspiring, encouraging and enlightening talks as a public speaker, offering his words of wisdom and insight to his rapidly growing fan base.

In his public speaking engagements, Scott frequently draws upon life lessons and personal experiences to help others gain insight and growth. His goal: to help others learn from his mistakes and flaws so that they may avoid the consequences, wounds and negative experiences that he’s endured.

Scott Binsack continues to lead the pack as a captivating public speaker, a successful entrepreneur and a popular social media personality who’s known for his realistic, hard-hitting, telling-it-like-it-is style. Scott’s incredible stories of success, failure, persistence and hard work transform and empower others on a daily basis.

“Scott Binsack” is currently authoring his first book — “Staying Real” a shocking autobiography detailing the many trans-formative experiences that have molded him into the man he is today.

Staying Real ~~ The Scott Binsack Story

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